08/24/2012 17:09

Pokemon 999,999

Basically all this game seems to be is a title screen hack of Pokemon Crystal version. Where they hack the Palkia on the Cartridge into the title screen. One other thing is that when I picked my starter pokemon they were all strangely grey in color.
08/24/2012 16:20

Pokemon Ruby Version 3

Pokemon Ruby version 3 is a NES hack ported to a gameboy advance cartridge. You play as Charmeleon in a platforming format. Though I don't know what the game is a hack of.
08/23/2012 20:56


Hello all this game Powermon is a PC game originally suspected to come from Korea though my copy is Taiwanese. Basically the gameplay is that you are a strange hairy eared, racoon tailed, flying, water ballon throwing Pikachu. The enemies all resemble Pokemon with slight differences as well. For...

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